Chapter 7

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Woah, it’s been a while. I’m skipping Chapter 6, which is going to be on RESTful design (and possibly ActiveResource if I can pull it off without being too reference book-y). So I’m waiting until the official Rails 2.0 release and moving on ahead without it.

I guess W. Web will have to travel back in time to make up the gap in the story. One thing I’m going to have to determine soon: just where is this Web character going to end up? It’s apparent from Chapter 7: a conversation is about to take place, a plot to conspire. More to come…

For now, Web has teleported past untold events of Chapter 6 right into the basement of a smoky pub, waiting for Rusty.

Web sat waiting in a booth at the back of the smoky pub, staring at the aged carving in the wood above his table.


And the phrase beneath it, in the same ornate style but newer, he thought, given the brighter color of the wood bezel.


The pub was a strange maze of tables and shadows, wood and brick columns holding up the floors above. It was underneath a building holding commercial space, an old wine cellar that used to belong to a distributer on the seventh floor. Before that it was a factory floor for a parachute company, and even before that it was rumored to have been an underground alchemy supply shop.

Now it was a pub. A damp, earthen smell was permeated under the sounds and odors of fried fish and pipe smoke.

“Hi! My name is AJ and I’ll be your server today! Is there anything I can get you to drink?”

Web thought the waitress looked out of place in this old tavern. She beamed at him waiting his reply with her spiked up neon blue hair, a shining pink plastic halter top and costume-like makeup. She was balancing a tray of empty pint glasses on one hand and a skateboard beneath her feet.

“Actually liquids tend to give me a short. Still some old ISDN lines in here,” Web said, patting his stomach, “Could I just have some chips? You know what, throw in the fish, too.”

“Sure thing. No liquids, fish, chips, coming right up,” she said as she rolled away on her skateboard.

From afar web could see the dim outline of the matre d’ pointing a group of people toward his table. He recognized Rusty from before, along with two others he didn’t know. He stood up to shake their hands as they approached the table.

“Web, it’s good to see you again! Let me introduce you to my friend Gr–”

“Napkin!” AJ cut through the group of people on her skateboard and left Web with a napkin in his outstretched hand.

”..Schema, and Matz,” Rusty continued unfazed. Web gave each a hearty greeting and the four sat down in the booth. Before the newcomers even had time to pick up their menus, AJ was back, tossing a plate down on the table.

“Plate!,” AJ’s voice trailed past as she skated without slowing, the empty plate left rattling in a circular motion on the table.

Matz looked at the spinning plate and inspected the cover of the menu closely,

“How strange. I’ve heard of these new places. What did you order?”

“I got the f–”

“Fish, no liquids!” AJ was flying by on her skateboard in the opposite direction this time. She managed a perfect shot from four feet away, the fish landed square on the far side of the plate and didn’t even slide a centimeter.

“Fish. And chips,” Web replied, starting to worry about how his knife and fork would be delivered to him.