What's new is what's old

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I’ve been busier lately than just about any time I can remember and haven’t had much time to write here, let alone get much else done. I’m usually against making comparisons between computers and human brain, but when you’re overloaded with stuff to do, it sure feels a lot like a computer that’s thrashing – context switching so often that all your resources are dedicated to overhead and none to the actual tasks that you need to get done.

I just wanted to stoke the fire of a previous post predicting that the iPhone SDK would actually be WebKit. (as in, the new SDK is the old SDK, we just shot the rendering engine with steroids). Here are some of the feature highlights from WebKit 3.0:

  • Enhanced Rich Text Editing
  • Faster JavaScript and DOM (~ 2x)
  • Faster Page Loading
  • SVG support
  • XPath support
  • Improved JavaScript XML technology (XSLT, DOMParser, XMLSerializer, and enhanced XMLHttpRequest support)
  • Styleable form controls
  • Additional advanced CSS support: 2.1, 3.0, and experimental.
  • Reduced memory use (~14%)
  • Web Developer Tools included

A new chapter, and thus a new installment of W. Web, to come this weekend, I promise, and eventually I’ll continue posting the Fuji hike stories.