A More Subtle Wordpress Security Hole

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This has come up twice in one day over here at the Haystack group, so I thought I’d post it here. Using Emacs and Vi to configure Wordpress can expose your database login and password to the world.

Here is why: Wordpress stores this configuration information in a file called wp-config.php that lives in the root of your install. This files contents aren’t visible to web visitors because its .php extension causes to be interpreted by PHP instead of returned to the web user. Emacs, by default, will save a backup file of anything you edit in the same directory. This file will end with a tilde character (~).

This means that if you use a non-customized version of Emacs to edit your wp-config.php file, you’ll get a second file called wp-config.php~. The .php~ extension is not registered to any particular MIME type, and so it will be returned, in full, to the remote user as text, revealing your database server, login, and password with it.

So please, if you use Emacs and have Wordpress, check your WP install directory for any Emacs backup files and delete them! There’s enough Wordpress hackery going around already this week :)