Roasted Cocoa Ice Cream

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1. Roast the Cocoa

  • Roast 60g of cocoa nibs @ 350 for 5 minutes

Watch out – these things burn fast! I ruined the first batch when I wasn’t attentive enough to a funny, almost burning plastic smell coming from the oven. The nibs come out almost as bitter as when they went in, but much chewy-er.

2. Make Some Cocoa Tea

Bring to a boil with 400g wholefat milk, turn off the heat, cover, and let steep for about 10 minutes.

3. Junk the Nibs

Strain ‘em outta there.

4. Custard it Up

In a bowl, mix two whole eggs with 80g sugar. Add it to the milk, stirring with a whisk. Put the temperature on low heat, and stir constantly, scraping the bottom, until you reach custard consistency. You know you’re there when a spoon dipped in comes out with a thick coat, but swiping a finger across the spoon leaves it clean. When you decide it’s time, immediately transfer the pot into a bath of ice water to stop the eggs from cooking.

Watch out: if you overdo this step everything will get grainy and lumpy. But fear not: I suck at this step but the result remains delicious in spite of me. You really can’t fail when the main incredients are cream and sugar.

5. Chill Out

Let the custardy milk cool down. I put it in the refridgerator or outside (in the winter). Or in the freezer if I’m already late to a party.

6. More Cowbell

Once it’s cool, mix in 200g heavy cream.

7. Churn baby, churn.

The machine knows what to do.

Enjoy with a few nibs on top.