natural language processing, knowledge graph, and web architecture


Click on the title to download PDF. If the title isn't a link, it means the paper wasn't in an archival track -- email me and I'll send you a copy.

  1. Spreadsheet Driven Web Applications
    UIST / Honolulu, Hawaii , 2014
  2. End-Users Publishing Structured Information on the Web: An Observational Study of What, Why, and How
    CHI / Toronto, Canada , 2014
  3. Cascading Tree Sheets and Recombinant HTML: Better Encapsulation and Retargeting of Web Content
    WWW / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , 2013

    Best Student Paper Award -- Second Place

  4. Mockup Driven Web Development
    WWW , Doctoral Consortium / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , 2013
  5. Quantifying and Reducing the Cost of Web Edits
    CHI , Student Research Competition / Paris, France , 2013
  6. Voice Query Refinement
    INTERSPEECH / Portland, OR , 2012
  7. Event Discovery in Social Media Feeds
    ACL / Portland, OR , 2011
  8. In-domain Relation Discovery with Meta-constraints via Posterior Regularization
    ACL / Portland, OR , 2011
  9. The Schema-Independent Database UI: A Proposed Holy Grail and Some Suggestions
    CIDR / Asilomar, CA , 2011
  10. Sync Kit: A Persistent Client-Side Database Caching Toolkit for Data Intensive Websites
    WWW / Raleigh, NC , 2010
  11. Talking about Data: Sharing Richly Structured Information through Blogs and Wikis
    ISWC / Shanghai, China , 2010
  12. Visualizing Temporal Data for Diagnostic Feedback in Adaptive Logistics Systems
    CHI / Boston, MA , 2009
  13. Bridging the Semantic Web and Web 2.0 with Representational State Transfer
    Robert BattleEdward Benson
  14. A Framework for Multiresolutional Knowledge Dissemination and Collection in Large Dynamic Multi-Agent Societies
    Edward BensonJeff BerlinerMarshall Brinn
    KIMAS / Boston, MA , 2007
  15. Application of Ontology Translation
    Jim ResslerMike DeanEdward BensonEric DornerChris Morris
    ISWC / Busan, Korea , 2007
  16. Evaluation of UDDI as a Provider of Resource Discovery Services for OGSA-based Grids
    IPDPS / Rhodes Island, Greece , 2006


  1. Described by an Amazon reviewier as a "phenomenal follow-on book for anyone who has completed a beginner Ruby on Rails book and is looking for moving on to the next step." Rails has undergone a lot of changes lately, but the underlying design patterns that this book addresses remain the same.

  2. A developer's suvery of Web 2.0 techniques, back from the days when "ajax" was a new term and jQuery didn't even exist!


As Primary Instructor

  • Open Source Software Project Lab
    An experimental, co-op style course in Software Development practice. MIT 6.S194, Spring 2013.
  • iPhone Development
    I created, planned, and taught MIT's Intro to iPhone Development course that took place during IAP 2009 and 2010.

As Teaching Assistant

  • User Interface Design
    MIT 6.813/6.831, Spring 2012.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    MIT 6.034s, Spring 2011.
  • Advanced Programming Methods
    University of Virginia, CS 201.
  • Program Design and Representation
    University of Virginia, CS 213.

As Guest Lecturer

  • Computer Science Summer Institute, at Google (2012)
  • 6.MITx, at MIT (2013)