on applied NLP, fintech, and the research-product transition

I'm a teacher at heart. If your looking for someone interpret trends in machine learning for you, feel free to reach out.

Some prior talks

  1. Turning Research into Product at Instabase
    SIGMOD New Researcher Symposium / Houston, Texas 2018
  2. The FinTech Investor Podcast
    Green Visor Capital / San Francisco, California 2018
  3. How to turn Research into Product
    University of Texas at Dallas / Dallas, Texas 2018
  4. How to turn Research into Product
    Clemson University / Clemson, South Carolina 2018
  5. Coming Disruptions in Fintech
    S&P Global Leadership Forum / Miami, Florida 2018
  6. How to turn Research into Product
    Columbia / New York, New York 2018
  7. How to turn Research into Product
    Berkeley Institute of Design / Berkeley, California 2018
  8. Automation takes more than technology
    Capital One Automation Summit / San Francisco, California 2018
  9. Maching Learning: Separating Real Oil from Snake Oil
    Green Visor Global Meeting / Maui, Hawaii 2017
  10. The JAM Stack - Javascript, APIs, and Markup
    DevNation Federal / Washington, D.C. 2016