on machine learning, dark data, fintech, and the research-product transition

I’m a teacher at heart. If your gathering is looking for someone to speak about machine learning, dark data, FinTech, or the research-to-product transition, feel free to reach out.

Some Prior Talks

  1. Turning Research into Product at Instabase
    SIGMOD New Researcher Symposium / Houston, Texas 2018
  2. The FinTech Investor Podcast
    Green Visor Capital / San Francisco, California 2018
  3. How to turn Research into Product
    University of Texas at Dallas / Dallas, Texas 2018
  4. How to turn Research into Product
    Clemson University / Clemson, South Carolina 2018
  5. Coming Disruptions in Fintech
    S&P Global Leadership Forum / Miami, Florida 2018
  6. How to turn Research into Product
    Columbia , Database Topics in Research and Practice / New York, New York 2018
  7. How to turn Research into Product
    Berkeley Institute of Design / Berkeley, California 2018
  8. Automation takes more than technology
    Capital One Automation Summit / San Francisco, California 2018
  9. Maching Learning: Separating Real Oil from Snake Oil
    Green Visor Global Meeting / Maui, Hawaii 2017
  10. The JAM Stack - Javascript, APIs, and Markup
    DevNation Federal / Washington, D.C. 2016