I'm a recent Ph.D. graduate of MIT CSAIL. My research was about making the web better platform for development. Try Cascading Tree Sheets, a language I wrote as part of that. CTS enables reactive data and design syncing between web pages with just a few lightweight annotations.

Adam Marcus on Remote Labor

10 Feb 2015

A few years ago, Adam Marcus gave a great lecture on all things related to remote labor over the web. Friends on twitter just brought up the talk in reference to an article on the sharing economy by Robert Reich, and I realized that the audio recording of it had fallen off the web.

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PhD Defense: Creating Rich Designs and Read-Write-Compute Pages with a Relational Layer for Web Content

05 Aug 2014

Proud to finally have this flyer going out to the MIT email lists. If you are in Cambridge, please do attend!

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Magical Source Code Highlighting

02 Aug 2014

This is perhaps the coolest command line trick I have learned in recent memory.

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Ted Benson

Ted Benson

Founder at Cloudstitch.
Expatriate of MIT CSAIL.