I'm a recent Ph.D. graduate of MIT CSAIL. My research was about making the web better platform for development.

Now I'm running a startup called Cloudstitch that lets you make web pages that run on spreadsheets. No programming necessary! Go give it a try!

PhD Defense: Creating Rich Designs and Read-Write-Compute Pages with a Relational Layer for Web Content

05 Aug 2014

Proud to finally have this flyer going out to the MIT email lists. If you are in Cambridge, please do attend!

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Magical Source Code Highlighting

02 Aug 2014

This is perhaps the coolest command line trick I have learned in recent memory.

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Data quickie: Wordpress themes are getting more complicated over time

22 Oct 2013

Here’s a quickie for you. The other day I scraped all the themes from WordPress.org (615 in total, or at least that’s what my script pulled down) and then plotted how complex the theme was based on when it was created.

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Ted Benson

Ted Benson

Founder at Cloudstitch.
Expatriate of MIT CSAIL.
Father of a little mountain man.