Broken R Key

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Writing with a broken R key is a bit difficult.

They say that when you work with a particular thing all day, you become a connoisseur whether you like it or not. Welders develop a fine taste for rebar, academics for chalk. Well I am now a world-renound expert on which words have the letter R in them. Let me tell you why (no Rs in that sentence). Every time I have to produce an R, I must to punch down on the key with great speed and force, turning my left index finger temporarily into a comet smashing into the earth, improbably landing precisely on my R key every time.

The rhythm of my typing ends up sounding like a syncopated jazz song.

click-click-THUNK-click-click-click-click-(pause)-click-THUNK THUNK-(pause) THUNK (pause) THUNK THUNK!

I’ll mail a $4 bill to anyone who can guess what word that was.

I did it to myself. I rearranged the keys on my keyboard too many times (that is another story entirely, but the moral is, don’t fool yourself into thinking a Dvorak layout will make you learn Dvorak).

And now my “” key is boken as a esult.

So when the book comes out and there are no Rs in it, or when you run across words like “though” when you are pretty sue it should have been thRough, you’ll know what’s going on.

In other news, I got an iPhone and it is totally sweet.