Chapter 1

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As chapters are turned in, I plan on posting a little bit about each one. Since I can’t publish the content of the chapter (ps, you can download the new Harry Potter at this link <a href=http://##$.'@03##CARRIER LOST), I’m instead releasing a short story-esque blurb that makes sense in light of the chapter. So here you are, Chapter 1:

W. Web knew immediately something was wrong.

He had suffered stomach pangs before, but never like this. Stumbling out of the taxi cab and into the hospital, he mopped the sweat from his brow and pushed his way across the sidewalk traffic. Inside everything was a dizzy blur flowing past him. Nurses, patients, a police officer. Several computer technicians hitting a computer monitor and mumbling something about the Intranet going down.

“I know, I know!,” Web thought as he struggled past them for the emergency patient entrance. Luckily for W. Web this particular hospital works on a triage system, and when you explain to the nurse at the front desk that you are the Internet you get bumped to the front of the line. There’s a lot riding on your health.

As the Web lay in his hospital bed, passing other familiar technologies as the nurse pushed him down the hall, he realized that he had made the right decision to stop ignoring the pangs. It was going to be OK.