Code in Text

I took about a month hiatus from writing (much to the frustrated grumbles of the fine folks at Wiley), but I've gotten back into the groove and am preparing to turn in Chapter 8, "Playing with Blocks." One thing that is markedly different about this chapter than the others: it's chock-full of code. Up until this point, the book has been about design patterns, tricks, and techniques. Code is certainly used all over the place, but it is only used to demonstrate the examples. This chapter is also about design, but its about design centering around one of Ruby's unique language features among the OO family of languages -- Procs and blocks. While it has been fun writing text-heavy material thus far, it is really nice to read over this chapter and see lines of code weaving in and out of the text all over every page. It's good to get down and dirty in the code every once in a while :) (I've certainly never examined Ruby's C source code until this chapter..)