How to Upload Files from the web to a Google Spreadsheet

This tutorial shows you how to build a web form that uploads files to a Google Spreadsheet. We’ll do it using Cloudstitch, a service that lets web pages talk directly to spreadsheets as if they were databases. Powering a web form this way only takes a few minutes to set up, and you’ll be in very good company using it: it’s one of the most popular uses of Cloudstitch.

At the end of this tutorial, you’ll have simple form you can use to let people upload a profile photo.

Step 1. Create a Magic Form on Cloudstitch

To get started, create a Magic Form on Cloudstitch. This will set up two important pieces for you to use:

  1. It creates spreadsheet for your data
  2. It creates a URL you can use to send data to that spreadsheet

Step 2. Create some Spreadsheet Columns

Inside your Magic Form project, click on the **Welcome **tab if it isn’t already selected, and then click the then Edit link for your new Google Spreadsheet.

Next, create columns for the fields you’d like to accept. For this tutorial, let’s use FirstName, LastName, and Picture.

Step 3. Create a Form

Next we’ll create a web form to send data to that spreadsheet.

Back in Cloudstitch, you probably noticed the URL sitting right above your spreadsheet link. It looks like this (yours will be different):

Any web form you post to this URL will save to the associated spreadsheet (you’ll have to have created the columns to accept the data first, though).

Create a simple HTML form that contains the same fields that we made columns for: FirstName, LastName, and Picture. The first two should be regular input elements, and the third should be a file input. Make sure you set the form encoding type to **multipart/form-data **and the method to POST.

Here’s an example you can just copy paste (update the URL to match your own):

There’s one extra element in that form above. It’s a hidden element with the name _redirect. This tells Cloudstitch what URL to send users to after they have submitted data.

Step 4. You’re Done! Put the form anywhere and start uploading files

Yes, that’s it.

That’s it. You can paste that form code on any website and start using it immediately. Style it however you want, add columns or multiple files, even use it over Ajax. We even give you space to develop and test your form right from your project: head over to the Examples tab and use the live editor to build and style your form before you put it on your site.

Here’s what this example looks like in the project I created

And here’s what my spreadsheet looks like after making a submission:

Cloudstitch supports many more features for your forms, like modifying data and offering an API. To find out more, take a look at our documentation (which is itself powered by Google Docs!) or feel free to reach out at