Automating Paperwork: A book for companies interested in document automation

I'm excited to share a short book I've written about document automation and enterprise NLU, called Automating Paperwork. You can read it on the web for free or buy it on Kindle.

When I was at Instabase, I would get calls from Fortune 500 customers at all hours asking for advice about document automation projects. AI is moving fast -- it takes a lot of planning and effort to wield it well in the enterprise.

This book is my love letter to those customers. It's everything I would tell them if we had a day together to discuss their ambitions and how they can go about achieving them.

Inside it, you'll learn:

  • How to think about the value of document automation beyond just efficiency
  • How to find and vet good automation projects in your business
  • How to navigate the broader platform choices involved document automation
  • How to balance the tradeoffs between different types of AI models
  • How to build confidence and safety into the output of your system
  • What's cutting edge today, and what's coming tomorrow

The book focuses specifically on extraction, with an eye toward practical and actionable advice. You'll find worksheets to fill out, questions to ask domain experts, conversations to have with vendors, and wisdom about where to sweat the details.

Automating Paperwork aims to be a book for business leaders, product managers, and operations teams who see the changes happening in AI & Deep Learning and want to create a playbook to make use of it themselves.

Please take a look, and if you like what you see, support the work buy buying it on Amazon, sharing it with a colleague, and leaving a review!