Trends and Predictions

The 2020s will be probably be remembered as the decade that deep learning forever changed NLP, in the same way that deep learning forever changed computer vision in the 2010s. Facial recognition, self driving cars, and automated medical diagnoses are examples of wins from the computer vision world. In the natural language world, deep-learning based approaches already dominate the leader boards for every task that researchers compete on.

Keeping track of what's on the fringe of this development is critical in a fast-moving space. This chapter is a collection of important trends and capabilities that are all available today but not yet widely distributed across products and platforms. The goal is to give you a sense of where industry momentum is headed so that you can better craft a longer-term strategy.

Read these sections to find out what kinds of capabilities you can expect to enjoy now (depending on your platform) or in the coming years (as they become widely available).